Who we are

Vision De Ayuda is an non-profit organization that was founded by a group of friends and family, with the healthy purpose of wanting to join efforts of people of good will with a high sense of cooperation and eager to work in a disinterested way to create solidarity aid programmes, concentrating this aid towards children in general and especially those with disabilities.

Tarata is the capital of the Esteban Arce province in the Department of Cochabamba in Bolivia, and we chose this town to carry out different aid projects, because we know the place and we know that children do not have any assistance programs, and they are mostly children of poor families and many needs.

So our Foundation aims to reach beyond projects:

-Support solidarity, being our first project the delivery of a playground for the children of Tarata these project it is a reality we provide last march and we are proud and happy for these children because now they have the playground were they can play and have a good time wit friends, make some exercise and enjoy it.

-Create a assistance center to the service of children and mothers with minor children, in which we put at the service of them all the information they require with respect to their rights as mothers, and the rights of their children, as well as provide legal assistance in cases that merit it, put at them service all the information regarding study programmes scholarships, mentoring, and guidance for higher education or universities, both in Bolivia and abroad.

-Creation of scholarships to the best students of Tarata, like also the annual award to the best students in the village.

And many other projects which we will announce opportunely, all depending on the help that we can receive in the Foundation and the participation of the people in the activities that we will organize.