Contact Us

Vision de Ayuda Inc.
P.O.Box 728317
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Phones: (347) 89-2523  or (646) 706-1150
Facebook: VisionDeAyuda
Twitter: @VisionDeAyuda

Together we can help better!
We are sure that everyone has the willingness to help and assure them that no mater how small is your help will make a difference. For more information, please contact our Foundation through our contact information and here are ways how you can help that United we will help better.

There are many ways as being able to get your help to our Organization, and are as follows:

1-you can sign up as a partner of the Foundation with which you can help directly in the Organization of aid, in the same way projects participate in the Organization and development of the social activities of the Foundation to raise funds, and you’ll be aware of all the economic movements of the Foundation.

2 you can send us your donations by check or money order in the name of the Foundation from 20 $ or more.

3 you can send your donations in goods either new or used, that they may be sold at garage sales that organize the Foundation to raise funds. As kitchen utensils, ornaments, tools, appliances, computers, etc., things that possibly you are not using them and that could serve other people.

For information on the places where you can deposit these donations, you can call (347) 89-2523  or (646) 706-1150. Thank in advance for any donation by small that is will be welcome