Our vision is simply the help, as we are aware that due to the circumstances we possibly had the luck to have a childhood without shortcomings and enjoyed toys, good schools, parks and we enjoy the comforts of our times, but we are also aware that there are many children who did not have the same fate as us by the mere fact of being born into a poor family, or in a population where they do not have access to amenities or which have no access to government assistance programs.
In our hands is the opportunity to help the less fortunate. Giving a small donation that won’t make us poor and we will know that we will help a worthy cause, because together we can make a difference, United we will help better.


Create projects
somehow able to provide services to children providing them with some kind of assistance to their needs as the create a playground, which will help you to develop more widely, share with your friends in moments of joy and you see her doing very important psychological and physical exercise in the development of the child.

Getting professional help
for those children with some kind of disability either auditory or visual that due to lack of economic resources not you could receive needed professional help at the time.

Provide accessories for mothers
children, about their rights as mothers and their children are protected by the State and laws and that, in many cases, their rights are violated or for lack of information they do not receive the necessary attention from the so-called by law, and also to provide them with all the necessary information regarding existing as scholarships both national and foreign aid, and with respect to student aid programs.