Our first project that was approved in general Assembly of members is the implementation and construction of a playground in Tarata-Cochabamba Bolivia, since currently none exists in the village, and we believe that it is very important that children have a healthy and enjoyable place where they can develop their activities of recreation, physical and psychological exercise very important in the stage of development of every child.

Already started the necessary procedures to the authorities of the town of Tarata through our representative and Coordinator and head the founding partner in Tarata which is Mrs Mirtha Pericon de Bazoberry The delivery of the Park in Tarata is scheduled for the day Sunday 23 February 2014 date that some representatives of the Foundation will be present in Tarata for its delivery and inauguration.

The second project that is preparing the implement support for mothers and children in which legal advisory services, pay as well as it will be at the service of these all information related to the rights of mothers and children.

Also will be within the reach of students and parents all information regarding scholarships available both nationally and internationally, and were providing support to children who have problems of inability to view as hearing, this to the extent of the economic resources that can get the Foundation and professional contacts achieved both. This second project is in the stage of preparation and organization, if you have any idea or project in this respect are always ready to listen to and work on it.

We accept suggestions and accessions in any kind of help they can provide volunteer professionals who wish to collaborate with some of their time for the benefit of these projects