VisiĆ³n de Ayuda Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which was created in 2013 with the mission of carrying out charity projects for underprivileged children and especially those with some type of disability in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Vision de Ayuda Regalos

Enrich the lives of children in need.

We strive to make a lasting difference by providing opportunities for education, culture and recreation.

By taking advantage of the strength of the community, our goal is to create a brighter future for children who need our help around the world.


The foundation chose Tarata, within the department of Cochabamba, Bolivia, as a geographic target for our charity projects.

The foundation was created with the ideas of a group of friends and family willing to join efforts and dedicate a part of their time with the healthy purpose of organizing social activities to raise funds to carry out aid projects for the benefit of children.

Convinced that working together we can make a much bigger difference than individually, we created our motto: "United We Help Better".

Daniela Ruffo de Carranza | President
Johnny Alvaro Pericon | Vice-President
Daisy Pericon | Treasurer

Vision de Ayuda bienvenidos ninos